Blue clay. Use for the treatment

the use of blue clayAt this time, blue clay, many people call a perfect remedy for many ailments. The composition of this product is a large amount of nutrients that are beneficial to the human body. When assigned to the blue clay, the use of this drug can be used both internally externally.

It is important to remember that before asking the problem, how to use blue clay for therapeutic purposes, it is necessary to visit the doctor and consult with him about the possibility and usefulness of using this tool. Like many other products of nature from the blue clay has its own contraindications and useful properties. To heal, not hurt yourself, it is important to follow all the conventions of use of the drug.

Treatment blue clay

How to treat the blue clay? First, the use of the product can be used for healing from many diseases:

  • application of blue clay is very effective for topical treatment of inflamed or rotting skin. As the tool has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, wound healing and regenerative properties, lacerations and open wounds heal very quickly;

    application of blue clay slimming

  • blue clay helps to reduce the symptoms of the skin, fungal diseases (dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, etc.);
  • the use of the drug helps to relieve headache, toothache, due to anesthetic effects;
  • when you use blue clay, its use is possible and for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the nervous system;
  • the drug is effectively used in cosmetology, using it you can quickly and without negative consequences for the skin and body to treat teenage acne, boils, acne (dual action acne has a mixture of blue clay and Apple cider vinegar), to cope with the flaws on the skin surface, to eliminate the excessive oiliness of the skin, smooth wrinkles, restore elasticity of the skin. In addition, the blue clay is used to eliminate various defects on the body (cellulite, stretch marks). Effective in its application for the purposes of weight loss. Efficiently natural medicine and caring for hair;
  • helps in the treatment of the skeletal system and joints.

Ways to use blue clay a few:

  • Gadgets and applications are made to treat wounds on the skin for excretion from the human body of toxic and harmful substances.
  • Compresses made of blue clay — a great tool for the healing of respiratory diseases.
  • Baths treat diseases of the cardiovascular nature, nervous or skeletal systems, of the locomotor apparatus. In addition baths full or partial used to improve the condition in skin diseases, to restore the structure of nails.
  • Masks are often used as therapeutic procedures in the field of cosmetology.

Blue clay of cellulite

Most high-quality, affordable and hassle-free considered anti-cellulite mask from blue clay. Used it no more than twice per week, the method of preparation of the magic bullet is simple: in the dry mixture interferes with a small amount of of any herbal decoction, then to the mixture is added a few drops of essential oils (tangerine, peach, lavender, Jasmine, etc.).

photo blue clay

Useful blue clay from the stretch, particularly from cellulite. Method of application can be any of: baths, compresses, rubbing, wraps. As additional to the main ingredient of the product is added to cream or dissolved in water the mummy.

The most commonly used blue clay for weight loss. The drug helps to gently affect the inner layers of the skin layer, while not damaging them and restoring the. Most commonly used wrapping problem areas with the product. When you use the blue clay used for weight loss and possibly other types, for example, baths, rubbing or compresses.

Also read how to do body wraps with blue clay /obertyivaniya-s-goluboy-glinoy

Application for joints

Very good blue clay for the joints. Although this tool refers to folk drugs, but still many doctors recommend to treat joint pain with this natural remedy.

Widely used blue clay for the treatment of joints since ancient times. Due to its unique properties, it instantly relieves pain, inflammation, swelling and redness on the inflamed area of the body.

After a doctor appointed by blue clay, treatment of joints with the specified funds is made by the application of lotions or compresses. What are the properties of blue clay for the joints? First of all, the feature of the treatment is to update the cells in the body (diseased cells are replaced with young, while the clay absorbs all the poisons, toxins and harmful substances from the patient’s body), then there is an immediate analgesic effect, and after a few sessions eliminated the inflammation in diseased joints.

photo how to use blue clay for the joints

How to treat joint blue clay? This drug though natural, but still able to cause some intolerance. In any case, before using the therapeutic healing needed the approval of a physician. Joints treatment blue clay occurs directly on the affected area where applied lotion or compress.

Blue clay in diseases of the joints used in the following way: the affected area on the body moistened with warm water, then there is laid a thick layer of blue clay mixed with water is applied on top of wet tissue, plastic bag and everything is fixed. Wrap lasts about three hours and then thoroughly washed off.

When applied treatment for blue clay, contraindications can occur with only allergic nature. Some people in the period of applying it to the skin’s surface feel a tingling or tightening of the skin, but it is not a contraindication to use. The action of blue clay — a natural process.

How else uses blue clay in our lives? What diseases can be cured with the help of this product of nature? Share with us your recommendations, because nature has to help each of us!

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