How useful is blue clay for the face. Application recipes

blue clay face photoEvery girl or woman of any age wants to look beautiful and attractive. In order to improve their appearance ladies use a variety of means. Some of them are quite expensive, but the special effects do not render. Other drugs are not so high in price, but after use the skin begins to «breathe» life to the full. One of the modern, but available funds of cosmetology is blue clay for the face. At the moment, the tool can be found in any pharmacy at a cheap price. Produced two kinds of unique drug: ready facial mask based on blue clay or fresh mixture, which must be used for homemade masks as an integral ingredient.

Properties of blue clay for the face

Since ancient times, people known the blue clay for the face was a popular and widely demanded. People called this tool «building» building block looks. In some areas natural product called blue Cambrian clay for the face. With regular use of blue clay on face you can achieve striking effects: a person disappear the signs of lack of sleep or fatigue, easy to clean the second chin, and tighten fine lines and wrinkles on the face, eliminate dark spots.

blue clay for the face - what are its benefitsProperties of blue clay for the face is unique. Due to its excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory actions, it copes with various shortcomings and diseases of the skin. When women used the blue clay, the properties of the faces in the fact that its composition is capable of outputs from the surface of the skin to various harmful and toxic substances. It is very important for residents of large cities or Metropolitan areas.

So the blue clay than useful face mask out of it?

  • Eliminating freckles, pigment spots and other deformities on the skin.
  • The treatment of skin diseases.
  • The alignment of the wrinkles.
  • The destruction of excess oil on the skin.
  • The provision of effective care and reducing action for the skin.

Use blue clay for the face proven and tested, but like any other natural remedy, this drug has some contraindications. Do not use cosmetic blue clay for the face as a purifying mask, especially when on the face there is severe damage in the form of ulcers or sores. Application of blue clay for the face, not recommended for people with thyroid disease. The rest of blue clay for the face are a real natural wonder. If you use it use of course, you can achieve amazing therapeutic and healing effects. But even a single use of this tool has a positive result.

Blue clay for acne

To treat and eliminate acne, use the mask of blue clay. Becomes the basis of the drug but as additional ingredients are selected those that fit the features of human skin. It is the miracle of nature has excellent antibacterial action, due to this the skin is cleaned and restored after use of appropriate masks.the photo mask of blue clay for the face for acne

Those women who used blue clay for the face, left only positive reviews. Ladies pleased with the results of the use of masks, after the first application of pimples on my face have significantly reduced the inflammation goes away and the skin leveled.

When you use the blue clay face mask should be applied correctly. Only in this case, the woman will get the result that is needed.

  1. Blue clay for the face for acne is only used in case if the pimples do not have a bleeding and festering.
  2. The mask is unique only when after the application of a woman will be stationary during the period of the duration of the mask.
  3. Instead of water it is recommended to add decoctions of healing herbs, in this case, the acne will operate two natural forces.
  4. If the patient’s skin is very sensitive, in each mask, in addition to the basic ingredients and added a few drops of olive or any vegetable oil.

Mask of blue clay

facial mask of blue clayThere is a large variety of face masks based on natural blue clay. For each type of skin used my tool. There is a list of unique masks that are suitable for any type of Your facial skin and at any age.

How to use blue clay? Face masks which you can use this natural product?

  • For the nutritional value of the skin is used blue clay for face mask formed from the primary product, grated Apple and a few drops of lemon juice. Component of the mixture helps the skin to restore the elasticity and get rid of minor imperfections in the form of acne. Prepared with the application of soft hand movements on a clean face. The mask rests on the face until it is completely dry, then carefully washed off with warm or moderately hot water.
  • If you are using for moisturizing the skin blue clay for the face, the recipe is even simpler of the previous one. In a dry mixture of clay intervenes a few drops of any oil: peach, almond, sunflower, olive. For better consistency added a small amount of herbal decoction.
  • Used blue clay for oily skin of the face using mineral water. Tool mixed to odnorodnogo state and is applied to the surface of the treated skin.
  • Improves blue clay face masks for acne. To do this at any cleanser for acne has a unique powder applied to the skin. An excellent remedy is a mixture of blue clay and milk. The mixture helps to establish blood circulation in the skin, which in turn is quite effective way to eliminate acne on a natural level.

Share with us your recipes using blue clay for the face, let Your good advice will help many women to find eternal beauty and constant confidence.

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