Causes and methods of removal of blood vessels on the face

how to remove blood vessels on the faceThe dilated vessels on the face — a very unpleasant cosmetic defect. Except that spider veins are constantly inflamed and red, some of the most sensitive vessels to burst. Many women are interested in the question of how to remove blood vessels on the face. Methods this action there are several, but they all have limitations and recommendations. And yet, when closely located vessels in the face, what to do then?

The removal of blood vessels on the face

The main reason for the appearance of red blood vessels on the face is heredity and genetic predisposition. With this defect homemade ways difficult to deal with. The only way to completely remove the capillary vessels on the face — medical intervention. Fortunately, at present provides several ways to remove red vessels from which everyone can choose the most affordable, the choice is optional and the relevant medical records.

In the photo close-up vessels in the face. What to do?In addition, genetics, causes inflammation and dilation of blood vessels in the face are some human diseases (often associated with unhealthy liver), congenital weakness of the blood vessels, blood diseases and pregnancy.

As a rule, if a person leads a healthy lifestyle, the dilated vessels are in a calm state. But when people begin to get involved in addictions, eating bad food and spend large amounts of time in the sun, the vessels start to swell.

What to do if the vessels are close located on the face?

    • The most popular and harmless way of removing the unpleasant defect is laser coagulation of blood vessels on the face. This procedure is used by most women. Removal vascular laser on the face is absolutely safe for humans. The procedure causes no pain, only sensation the patient — a slight pinching of the skin on the face. The main advantage of laser removal of blood vessels on the face is that the machine crushing effect on the problem itself, without affecting healthy skin. In each case assigns an individual approach to the patient. Contraindications to the procedure are some human diseases: diabetes, cancer, skin diseases. During pregnancy to remove the vascular laser is prohibited. Like any other cosmetic procedure, removal vascular laser is a certain amount of funds.
  • Photocoagulation of blood vessels on the face — the second most popular way of eliminating cosmetic defects. In this case, the removal of blood vessels on the face with a flash of light. The method is harmless and quick acting. As a rule, with the help of photocoagulation and you can get rid of the blood vessels, and help the skin to acquire an attractive, healthy look. The only caution is that after this procedure is not recommended to be under the scorching rays of the sun without applying sunscreen.
  • Electrocoagulation of blood vessels on the face can reduce the visibility of dilated blood vessels. The procedure involves the influence of electric current on a topical issue. Most preferred this method to eliminate large spider veins. This method has several disadvantages: after electrocoagulation, damaged skin is covered with a solid crust, where the result may form a scar or pigmentary marks. The next disadvantage lies in the fact that the procedure is painful and prohibits people who are prone to heat.

red blood vessels on the face

Coagulation of blood vessels on the face has its advantages and disadvantages. But before using medication sessions, you can apply some effective methods of eliminating spider veins in folk medicine.

How to remove red veins on the face at home?

Good to use a compress of parsley, brewed in fresh milk. This recipe you must use until the day until spider veins.

Many people interested in the question of how to strengthen blood vessels on the face? First of all, vitamin drinks (broth hips, collection of chokeberry and hawthorn) will help the skin to normalize their condition.

It is important to always remember that, if, after all medical activities, the blood vessels on the face appear again and again, then there is a risk of chronic inflammation of the blood vessels on the skin. To recommend effective measures, in this case, can only specialist — vascular surgeon. He also appoints in each individual case, treatment and prevention of the specified disease.

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