Beer for hair

Beer for hairBeer is a favorite of many intoxicating drink. But not all know about its beneficial effect on hair and scalp. There are many recipes on how to use beer for hair masks, lotions, rinses, which are tested by many generations. And not surprising, because they successfully fight skin dryness and dandruff, restores damaged structure, using beer for hair, even practiced styling and washing your hair with beer. So, stock up on beer and read our article. We’ll feature a beer is a hair better, which is his favor and influence, and we also offer various recipes of caregivers with this component.

The useful benefits of beer for hair

Beer is a natural and readily available product that is specially brewed on the basis of certain components, each of which have individual healing properties. For example, brewer’s yeast contains b vitamins (B1, B2 and B6), D, and the hops and malt are rich in PP-vitamins, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and many amino acids. Of course, all of these substances help the hair to get enough health, vitality, return to Shine and manageability. In addition, beer for hair styling, as it increases the density and volume of hair, and serves as a lock when creating a hairstyle.

What is the best beer to choose

If you are a real fan of this heady drink or faced with homemade beer, it is certainly better to choose it without chemical and food industrial fillers. But good beer can be found in the store or specialized departments. Better to give preference to unfiltered and alive or dark Beers, they will be most useful. But if you is not met, and to look not possible, you can buy any, but pay attention that it is fresh and not too strong. The only thing that is worth paying attention to if you are the owner of bright hair, dark beer to choose is not recommended because it can color your hair or leave stains.

The use of beer for hair

A huge plus funds with beer, is the speed and ease of use. You can use it in different purposes. Consider the basic.

  1. The easiest way is beer massage into hair before shampooing.
  2. How to wash your hair with beer? Add a small amount of beer to your usual shampoo every time you wash your hair. This will give hair a beautiful Shine, and prevents excessive sebum. What else to wash your hair, read on here /chem-myit-volosyi-kak-pravilno-myit-volosyi/
  3. Well after shampooing, rinse your hair with beer. This will eliminate dandruff and make hair smooth and shiny. After this procedure, not clear beer smell, rinse your hair with beer together with lemon water, herbal teas useful herbs or with the addition of a few drops of fragrant essential oils.
  4. A possibility to conduct treatment hair beer, and eliminating with it the dandruff and dryness of the scalp. There is an effective method is adopted to compress. In half a liter of hot beer add 2 heaping scoops of sage leaves and nettle. Allow to stand for several hours, and then strain. This tincture daily to RUB into the scalp at night, under the hood. The treatment will last about a month.
  5. Styling your hair with beer. Intoxicating drink can be use as a natural substitute of varnish or foam for hair. Place beer in any spray bottle and lightly wet damp hair, then style your hair as usual.

I would like to tell about one more trick, how to put her hair in beer. For a start, as always, wash your hair with shampoo and let them dry. After choosing suitable curler, before twisting dampen each strand water and not mousse, and beer. The curls will be smooth, elastic, and the hair of volume and will last a long time, it is likely she will be able to please you and the next day. On the same principle wrap the hair with a Curling iron. In addition to long-lasting fixing, you give the hair another portion of the useful vitamins of beer.

  1. Beer lotion. A long time ago in Russia, women used beer for hair growth, as a reinforcing and stimulant. And then created this simple recipe. Pour the crushed pine cones and birch leaves warm beer. Insist during the day. RUB the solution into the roots scalp before wash or rinse after.

Hair mask with beer

From all existing methods of hair care, the most efficient and effective is the regular use of masks. Mask for hair with beer was a great find for women with any hair type. Beer for hair at home is to use very simple first it has to warm up, so it will give more Goodies to your curls. Depending on the problem and the result that you want to achieve, you need to choose the right ingredients of the mask.

  • Mask «voluminous hair».

Whisk the chicken egg yolk, add a half Cup (if you have greasy hair you will need 1 Cup of warm beer and a spoonful of warmed fragrant honey. Apply the warm mixture on the roots and length. For deep penetration into the hair structure, protect your head and soak 20 minutes.

  • Mask for hair with beer and egg.

With a mixer or by hand beat the eggs with the beer, for every 100 grams of beer 1 egg depending on length of hair. The obtained foamy mass is put on the roots and with a comb spread it on your main hair. It is better to keep the head mask with heat for 20 minutes. Rinse and enjoy your silky hair.

  • Beer mask for dry hair.

In equal proportions mix beer and kefir and also yogurt, fermented baked milk or yogurt. Apply to hair, put a plastic wrap or shower cap. In this condition is to a minimum of 30 minutes. And rinse. Mask perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin and hair, preventing breakage and cross section.

  • Hair strengthening beer and bread.

Mashed brown bread pour a liter of warm beer, put in a warm place. Should occur in the fermentation process, after a few hours, mix with a mixer until smooth. Apply the mixture to strengthen and prevention.

Recipes for strengthening hair masks, see the link /kak-ukrepit-volosyi/

  • The recipe for how to use beer for hair from falling out.

All components to mix around with the spoon: burdock root, hop cones, sweet (all the herbs can be purchased at pharmacies) and pour 1 Cup of warm beer. To leave for the night. From morning drain, the infusion is ready to use. Massage into clean the roots of the hair or use the rinse after shampooing. Minimum course of 1 month.

Don’t forget to watch «the Recipes of homemade masks for hair loss».

  • Fruity beer sweet mask.

To the pulp of half banana and Apple, add orange juice and half a glass of warm fresh beer. Distribute evenly through hair, wrap. And let the hair will be filled with vitamins about half an hour. Wash your head. Regularly apply the mask, enjoy the health of the hair.

Such simple combinations will help you easily care for their hair at home. We’ve told you how to use beer for hair, don’t be afraid to experiment, even if never before anything similar did not try. Quality beer is nothing but good will not give. Be irresistible! Good mood!

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