Beauty secrets for girls

parade for.Everyone knows the saying «beauty requires sacrifice», but it is not always clear what those sacrifices and really need to sacrifice something every day to please yourself and others with its excellent appearance? Today we will talk about beauty secrets for girls.

Love yourself

We will never tire of repeating that in order to fall in love with people, you must first love yourself. Take every part of the body and the face and realize that you are such a unique and unrepeatable, so you need to love, cherish and spoil. Who does not like you yourself will successfully cope with all these challenges?

Love for yourself does not mean arrogance and pride. When dealing with other people remember that they are one and the same as you, I want respect and care. Caring for others and getting rid of anger, you will feel much easier. Will appear and Shine in the eyes, and the smile on her face.

There is also one secret exercise on what to do to be beautiful. If you have no mood, try to force yourself to smile. First, it will be a forced smile, but the cells in our brain work in such a way that soon you will get a signal good mood and the smile will be genuine.

Take care of yourself

Many beautiful girl so sexy girl, isn’t it a reason to do them? Self-care includes several components that should be performed regularly. Let’s talk more about what you need to do to be beautiful.


The first step is to determine your skin type on the face, because this will depend on further care. Distinguish between dry, combination, normal and oily skin.

For the simplest test you will need parchment tissue paper (they are usually sold in the departments of cosmetics to remove excess glitter or you can use baking paper). In the morning before washing should attach the paper to the person and see if you still have a greasy spot.

If they are present throughout the tissue, your skin type is probably oily. If selectively on the ground in the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), your skin is combination. If trace is almost gone, you have a normal skin type. If trace is left and you often feel the need to moisturize the skin, you have dry type.

This information will be required when you select the entire future of cosmetics: gel cleanser, masks, scrubs, peels, Foundation, creams, lotions – all try to pick based on your skin type.

So, what to do to be beautiful, starting from the face:

  • In the morning wipe the face with ice in order to awaken you and your skin. The basis of the ice it is useful to use herbal teas or green tea. Recipes based on herbs, as well as the technique of wiping describes the link /kubiki-lda-dlya-litsa hotel/
  • In the morning and before bed wash your face using a gel or other cosmetic product. Do not use soap or shower gel!
  • After cleansing, wipe the face lotion of the micelles. This is necessary to wipe the dirt residues and prepare the skin for the next step.
  • Apply to skin cream: day or night depending on the time of day.
  • Useful tips for beauty, as one, say that in the warm season you can’t leave home without a cream with an SPF factor. It is necessary to protect the skin from harmful UV radiation, which threatens not only premature aging, but also cancer.
  • Daily several times a day, use lip balm that they did not appear cracked and peeling.
  • Pamper your skin with masks at least once a week It can be a homemade mask from readily available ingredients or finished cosmetic products.
  • Do not neglect the makeup. Even a simple alignment of the complexion with BB or CC cream allows you to look much fresher, and correctors will help hide imperfections on the skin and the question of how to become a beautiful girl will become less relevant.
  • If you want to grow eyebrows or eyelashes, use special oils before bedtime. For example, Elma oil or wheat germ oil. Try to apply castor oil for eyelash growth.
  • Separately, care for skin around the eyes. It requires a special cream or a movie. View recipes for home application by reference /maski-dlya-vek/
  • To cope with circles and bags under the eyes will help patches – silicone stickers that need to be worn from half an hour, you can find them in any beauty store.
  • Fight the skin correctly: do not squeeze the acne, and treat them to reduce blackheads, use tools designed for this. But if you feel that the solution to any problem you can not handle, contact the person, perhaps the issue lies in the body much deeper than you think.

All the tips for beauty every day, not necessarily to learn together. If after reading the article you will remember some moments that show you the key, and add them to your regular ritual, this is a huge plus. Over time, you will find other ways that you need to do to be beautiful.


Hair also there are different types, but this classification is somewhat more blurred than for the type of skin. You may have normal, dry, oily scalp, depends on how often you get dirty hair. Hair can be damaged, brittle, split ends etc.

  • Try to choose a shampoo based on your hair and which side you want them to improve.
  • Use conditioners and masks for hair. The best is to alternate them after each wash.
  • Try to acquire a cosmetic line of one brand. They often create their products so that the shampoo, conditioner, conditioning, and mask complement each other.
  • Protect your hair from the harmful effects of the environment by using oils or sprays.
  • Weekly make a mask for hair long exposure – homemade or purchased.

You will be interested:

  • Homemade masks for thick hair
  • Recipes hair masks from eggs
  • Rinse hair with herbs

Women’s beauty secrets will come to help, even if you are pursuing a specific goal: for example, to grow hair. For this is one very effective method mask with mustard or red pepper.


Try to keep your body muscles toned. Yes, sometimes this requires willpower, but the result is worth it, isn’t it? The skin of the body requires no less attention than the facial skin.

  • Exercise, doing yoga, dancing at home or in the gym. Toned muscles not only look beautiful but also contribute to the health of your body.
  • Go to the bath, as it cleanses the body of toxins and promotes weight loss. Besides, if you put something cosmetic on a steamed skin, it will work much better.
  • Once a week use a body scrub. The simplest beauty secrets at home – simple homemade scrubs: coffee grounds or sea salt with honey. As a result, the skin will become much softer and softer.
  • Use a contrast shower, if you don’t have cardiovascular disease. This will lead to tone the skin and body.
  • To remove unwanted hairs and rough skin heels. Also get regular pedicures, so you don’t have to blush in the case where an accident will have to remove your shoes.

Remember that your body is a temple, followed by careful care, and then it will respond to you with gratitude and beauty.

Observe mode

An important factor that we need to do to become beautiful is to learn to Wake and sleep at the same time, sleep at the same time must be a minimum of 7 hours.

Not bad to train yourself to eat at the same time, breaking your daily diet into 5-6 receptions, then the food will be fully digested and to bring your body.

The fresh air will also add a plus to your beauty. After all, what kind of a healthy glow on the cheeks you can tell if the body experiences an increased oxygen demand. Combining such trips with activities like Biking, rollerblading, skateboard, scooter etc., you tighten the muscles and get the charge of good mood.

I hope you have learned something new, and if you have your own tips on how to become beautiful at home, leave them in the comments.

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