Beads for nail art

The desire of women to be all unique and have reached the point that ladies use in the creation of his image the most unthinkable materials. Banal manicure no longer satisfies fashionistas – not the usual paint or even gel. Glued to the nail plate stones, lace or feathers to highlight your individuality. Beads for nails – new trend that has attracted the attention of girls and are often used as home and in salons.

How to make nail designs with polonkai

How to make nail designs with polonkai at home

Manicure using bulenok called caviar because they resemble scattered grains. Invented this kind of scenery in France. To do a manicure using beads, it is necessary first of all to buy them. In specialized stores in your city or online stores offers a wide range of decorations. You will also need:

  • basis;
  • colored lacquer;
  • dotsy or stick for manicure;
  • a small bowl;
  • paint effect top coat or glue.

If the house have the opportunity to work with shellac (has all the necessary tools and materials), it is better to give preference to him. Planted bead on this basis, when fixing ultraviolet rays will stick much better. The beads will not stick to hair and clothing, so will last» about three weeks. Usual manicure, even with glue, more than a week will not last.

Colored beads

How to use beads on your nails

Beads, for nail Polish – just small beads made of glass. They can be of different color and size. Small grains are more like sand or beads to four millimeters, resembling rhinestones. Their selection is great, and the design of manicures with each of these types will be completely different. Pleases a variety of colors: metallic (silver, gold) to various shades of red, blue, brown. Beautifully will look like a bead of gel or acrylic. An important advantage of this decoration – it can be used at home.

Apply beads on your nails can be one grain of sand, laying in a small unique pattern. Glue the decorations possible, for example, to scatter the balls for nail Polish across the plate, while the varnish dries. In the first case, it is better not to use glue, beads, and so fixed. Second, you can use the glue for better adhesion. Important: make sure that the composition was colorless and after drying, but did not give a yellow tint, even if you do a nail design with gold. Note: the top coat applied on top can change the look, glue makes it more accurate.

There are different variations of the use of beads for manicure. Make the design of black nails in other colors. There is nothing difficult. Even amazing 3d nail designs you can spy in the classroom or on the photo. On short nails it is better to put the balls smaller, the long can be decorated large. The removal of Bulganak nail does not require labour, but will have to use more liquid than you need usually. To do this:

  • Wet small piece of cotton wool. Apply on the nail plate.
  • Cut wrap in foil and wait 10 minutes.
  • Wipe the nail with beads.

The girl cuts off the cuticle

How to do a manicure

Step-by-step manicure with top coat:

  1. Your arms should be fully prepared. Clipping of cuticles, filing and degreasing should be mandatory for a well-groomed appearance. At this stage, you need to come up with the desired pattern. Or Will you put the balls on all or one nail, to lay out a pattern or scatter them randomly. Consider the combination of colors: the combination of several types of Bulganak looks spectacular.
  2. Application of the base, its drying and the main layer of varnish. Quickly scatter the balls in the right places. You can omit a finger in a bowl of beads.
  3. Wand remove unnecessary and distribute evenly other beads. Press with the finger jewelry that they engage in a wet layer of lacquer.
  4. Correctly apply the final layer. It can be as nail Polish effect top coat and gel, acrylic money. For the latest variants need a UV lamp.

How to design nails with adhesive

The option of adhesive has several stages:

  • The previously prepared nail with dried layers of Foundation and color nail Polish is processed by glue. Gently apply the product to the site of the future pattern or the entire plate if you plan just to cover it with balls.
  • Then put beads on the glue and wait until dry. This stage is considered the final, no other action is necessary.

Video: extraordinary nail design shellac with polonkai

Photo of nail design

Photo of nail design with polonkai

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