Balaj on blonde hair

Over the last couple of seasons in a Barber shop area, the popularity gained new variants of colouring: Shatush, Ombre, Ombre. Most women do not understand the clear distinction between them, and confusion in the public domain only exacerbates this fact. What is Balaj and what it looks like on blond hair?

What is the staining Balaj

Like most other titles of new techniques of highlighting, Balazs word belonging to the French language and deciphered as «smack». It best describes the principle of operation of the master, which passes the brush horizontally, very light, surface strokes. Staining Balaj to blonde hair creates the most smooth change of the colors, so light-to-dark picture looks natural.

The difference between the Balazs and Ombre

Both techniques belong to the group of methods of vertical streamers of color, so novice master and first came across this client tend to be confused. To understand the clear difference you need to consider the key points of each color. Ombre is one of the first that appeared among hairdressing, and is characterized by the following features:

  • The gradient from natural (mainly dark) painted the roots to the tips.
  • Staining should look evenly on the entire length.
  • The contrast between ends and roots can be up to 9 colors.

Kind of hair, which were made Balaj is slightly different from that described above:

  • The horizontal transition of color, but short strokes, so it looks diffused.
  • The colors – mostly natural and within the native color gamut.
  • The difference between the shades is 2-3 shades.

The hair is dyed technique Balaj

The benefits of staining Balaj

The weave is considered to be more gentle compared to classic full color of the hair, Balazs may be even less destructive, since the lighting does not discoloration. This is one of the main advantages to attract women that are worried about the quality of their hair. What other advantages does Balaj?

  • If you wanted to do a fill coloring short hair, but refused to Ombre due to their insufficient length, Balazs is a great compromise.
  • The owners of curly tresses, you can try any highlights, but on a live canvas clear horizontal stretching color looks like the hair is growing. Balazs helps to solve this problem, creating the effect of a modified hot sun color.
  • Girls with thin blonde highlights is especially recommended because it can make them visually more dense.
  • If you want to create a pattern of light and shadow on the bangs, Balazs is also better than a classic Ombre.
  • To freshen the image, you can paint only the tips without affecting the length.

Painting blonde hair

Due to the fact that this technique of dyeing is focused on creating the effect of burnt hair, Balaj on blond hair doing more often as they themselves change shade under the summer sun. At the base from level 5 (light brown hair) it is better to turn to other options of gradient color. This option is available highlighting any length of hair:

  • For owners of very short haircuts is a way to emphasize unique style.
  • For medium length hair can highlight only the front strands, to emphasize the asymmetry, if it exists.
  • Girls with long hair Balazs creates the Hollywood image, especially if you combine it with cascading hair.

Staining Balaj for blondes

Balaj for blondes

At very light basis (9-10 level) additional reduction is not performed, and Balazs is an addition of the nuances within the current color. Professionals suggest to create honey, wheat, beige, and Golden reflections. If your goal is an unnatural style, but something more unusual, you can make ashy or pastel pink, purple, etc. nuances. A few points:

  • With self-staining so light hair it is recommended to carefully observe the curing time of the paint.
  • Choose to coloring without ammonia.
  • If blonde is not natural, it is better to entrust the procedure to the master, who will be able to take into account all possible negative consequences.

Balaj on light blonde hair

Beach style is the first Association that appears when viewing photos with the highlights on girls with base 8 level. When the source of light or middle tier Balaj reduces the tint all up to level 10, completely mimicking the natural fading. Doing this provides any dye, coupled with 6% oxide, and then if necessary, carry out toning the treated areas.

Balazs long light brown hair

How to make Balaj at home

Before the first test of this technique professionals recommend that women be trained to perform a classic Ombre. If you are confident in your abilities, you will have to stock up on:

  • foil;
  • a couple of brushes with short bristles;
  • plastic bowl;
  • comb-a comb with frequent teeth;
  • 2-3 lightening tubes of paint in different shades (60 ml total);
  • oxide, 6-9% (60 ml).

How much paint depends on the length of your hair: the above option for very long, when a short haircut can take about 25-30 ml or less. Additionally you need to focus on what area you plan to paint only the ends or 1/3-1/2 of the leaf. Balazs is:

  1. Comb hair, divide into several zones.
  2. The individual strands of brush strokes to paint at the ends, wrap in foil alternately.
  3. After 10-12 minutes, uncover it, pull the border up and add a different hue.
  4. Be sure to comb transition «feather». You can do it with a sponge: painting will be more natural.
  5. Wrap again with foil.
  6. A quarter of an hour to wash my hair.

Photo: Balazs on blonde

At suggested in this block of pictures you can verify that the Balaj on light hair when using the natural colour does not look like the work of a master, as a natural gift. It is perfectly combinable with any shade of blonde, if painting is carried out efficiently. Golden and honey highlights look great on wheat hair, creating the effect of sun kissed.

Balaj for blondes with long hair

Video: salon dyeing technique Balaj

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