As a man to remove belly fat

The vast majority of men face in adulthood with the problem of the appearance of sticking out belly. The girls from the fat in affected feet, and the guys all that excess weight accumulates in the waist area. Many would like to know a way how to remove belly fat, but weight reduction requires effort and time.

How to get rid of belly man

Slender man

Very few people like it when the fat starts appearing on the sides, the body becomes formless, and the relief of muscle hiding under a layer of sediments. At such moments especially want to know how to get rid of the belly, reduce body fat. The issue of losing weight need a comprehensive approach, using all possible tools:

  • physical activity (home and gym);
  • power adjustment, drafting effective diet;
  • massage, sauna.

Gym for weight loss

For those who think of how to remove a beer belly, the obvious is the first to go to the gym. This step helps to achieve two goals at once – accelerating the metabolism, the metabolic processes for the breakdown of excess body fat and enhanced testosterone levels. By picking up the latest, you increase the burning process of excess fat, its presence in sufficient quantity in the body will be a good step as the man to remove belly fat.

You need to consider that weight reduction will start only when reducing excess calories in the body, so the gym and diet always go hand in hand. Is erroneous to think that to remove belly fat you need with the help of pumping the press. Alas, the muscle mass in the waist will not make body fat less. Do to remove the subcutaneous fat will be regular cardio:

  • orbitrek;
  • treadmill;
  • bike.

Man is engaged with dumbbells

How to eat to remove belly fat

An important condition of the process of how to remove belly fat male – normalization of the supply. The increase in the number of calories coming in, decrease in motor activity, passive way of life is detrimental to the speed of metabolism. To start the change of diet is necessary with the implementation of simple, simple rules:

  1. To improve bowel drink more pure non-carbonated normal water.
  2. During the day you should drink at least 3 cups yogurt, preferably before bedtime and in the morning.
  3. Eat fruits, vegetables, which improve peristalsis: tomatoes, plums, cucumbers, pears.

Though most are searching online how to remove a beer belly, but the reason for his growth are not only alcohol or alcoholic beverages. Try to eliminate or reduce to a minimum the amount of consumption of salty, fatty, smoked and fried. The rejection of the beer will also have a positive effect on fat burning process. Those who are looking for a man to remove a beer belly, the best option is a protein-based diet.

In the fat burning process in humans often parallel to the destroyed fibers of muscle, which leads to lower muscle mass. Ideally, you should reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat while retaining muscle. The protein diet contains the necessary amount of vitamins, protein to maintain body tone. You will have enough forces to classes at the gym, at home, but it will decrease the amount of fat, the stomach will become smaller.

How to remove the sides and belly at home

A person chooses between an Apple and a cake

Work on the areas with problems does not end when you exit the gym. Options for how to remove belly and flanks are a man, there is to use at home. Has been said that just to pump up the press – not the best solution, just the volume of the stomach will be added and the amount of muscle. Work on press must be accomplished in a slightly different plane.

Please note that all professional bodybuilders during relaxation also have a small stomach. This is due to their consumption of large quantities of food to put on weight, the stomach stretches and bulges. To get rid of this effect by strengthening the abdominal muscles, so they kept the bodies. The list of exercises that will help to remove belly and flanks at home:

  1. Vacuum. This version of how the man of the house is to remove the belly, came from technique the body Flex. You must completely exhale all the air from the lungs, tummy as much heat, and hold for 10-15 this position. This will help to stretch not only the outer part of the abdominal muscles, but also to use the internal. Only high tone deep abdominal muscles will help make it more flat, to keep the internal organs from bulging.
  2. Strap. It is a variant of the static load on the abdominal muscles, the exercise does not swing, but strengthens, make the fibers stronger and denser, which greatly improves the tone. You need to take the emphasis during the push-UPS get down on your elbows, body to keep straight and fix this situation at least 40 seconds, but the longer. the better.
  3. The side plank. The exercise repeats the above, but emphasis needs to hold one hand sideways. In this case, perfectly worked out obliques, lateral, helping to strengthen the waist.
  4. Gymnastic video. A great way for men not only to remove belly fat but also strengthen the muscles of the shoulders, back, arms. Beginners should perform the movement from the position on his knees.

Guy diet

Exercise to burn internal fat

In most cases, the question of how a man to remove belly fat, the answer is simple – more to run, to move. Protrusion occurs due to the accumulation of internal (visceral) fat that accumulates not in the outer layers of the skin and inside the abdominal cavity. Many people have heard that overweight people deposits even appear on the surface of internal organs (heart often suffers). The reason for this phenomenon becomes a sedentary lifestyle.

Visceral fat accumulates in the abdomen due to circulatory disorders that interfere with the splitting process and allows you to lose weight. To normalize the blood flow will help aerobic exercise, which will restore the network of capillaries, increase it and start the process of weight reduction. This fits any kind of workout with cardio:

  • running with medium intensity (60-70% heart rate maximum);
  • work on the bike;
  • crossfit;
  • shaping.

Male body is easier to cope with the task of reducing the amount of body fat than women. The result will be visible after 2-3 weeks with the diet. This will help to remove belly fat, improve your overall health. Help to lose weight help a sauna, which helps to eliminate toxins from the body. If you want you can do the abdominal massage (self or professional) to improve blood circulation, stimulation of metabolic processes.

The guy leads a healthy lifestyle

Diet for belly

Remove excess fat from the waist area without the proper diet will not work. You can spend 2-3 hours in the gym on the treadmill, but reckless eating fattening foods they will not progress. Menu below for men is designed for 3 meals per day, but if possible, try to break that amount of food for 4-5 servings. While eating and chew thoroughly, do not rush, this will help feel full. Sample menu diet to remove the man’s protruding belly:

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1 2-3 boiled eggs with tomatoes, tea or yogurt without sugar. Mushrooms, boiled beef, salad from vegetables. Tea, pea soup, boiled potatoes.
2 Vegetable salad, 2 boiled sausages, coffee. Eggplant braised with nuts, cooked chicken 100-150 g, tea. Boiled fish, vegetable salad, a slice of beef liver.
3 Buckwheat, eggplant, carrots, glass of juice. Bean soup, salmon salad, grapefruit. A couple of boiled eggs, beet salad, juice.
4 Oatmeal, crab salad, tea. Breast of chicken, braised mushrooms, tomato juice. A piece of cheese, fruit salad.
5 Chicken, vegetables, 2 boiled eggs, coffee. Slice beef, vegetable salad. Boiled chicken wings, cheese, a glass of kefir.
6 Rice porridge, boiled fish, coffee. Boiled potatoes with beans and tea. Risotto, salad, cheese, green tea.
7 Corn Salad with boiled chicken, coffee. Spaghetti from durum wheat, vegetable salad, boiled fish, juice. Morse, a fish salad, a couple of fruit.

Why men growing belly

Diet dish

It often happens a situation when the husband in adolescence was skinny, but now 20-23 years he starts to grow a stomach, to increase the amount of subcutaneous fat. Thus, significant changes in life happening, the food is not particularly varied. There is a logical question, why growing belly in men. Here are some reasons:

  1. Overeating. The most obvious and common reason for the growth of the abdomen in men. Becoming more foods that contribute to obesity: fast food, convenience foods, flour products.
  2. A decrease in physical activity. Men with age less likely to engage in active sports prefer to watch TV with a bottle of beer. The reduced activity leads to a slow metabolism, along with overeating, you get a double effect.
  3. Age. The body ages, metabolism slows, which causes the appearance of the abdomen in men. It is due to a decrease in testosterone production.
  4. Hormonal disturbances. The lack of testosterone at a young age leads to growth of the abdomen in men. Increase it by using drugs or active sports.

Video: how to remove belly fat in men

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