As a man to gain weight

Perfect slimness and thinness is considered the a lot of women and men, especially youth, often seek to increase muscle mass and recover. The abuse of high-calorie foods do not always help the man to gain weight because the body will build fat not muscle. Need a special diet.

How to gain weight male

Male diet for weight gain

It is known that people gain weight from high-calorie fatty foods, sugar and flour. However, men with this diet is at risk to only get a beer belly. Rich rich food will add beauty, if neglect physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle. If a man wants to body looked healthy and strong, but harmonious and fit, you must follow a few basic rules that will help gain weight:

  • Try to sleep at least nine hours a day and at least an hour to relax in the fresh air during the day. When you rest, the body relaxes and creates a beautiful body.
  • Avoid stress. During disruption of the nerve burned a lot of calories, the person loses weight.
  • Engage in a gym or sports hall, preferring weight training. If you use large weights, will certainly build muscle. Before exercise, eat something high in calories, for example, a handful of nuts, dried fruit.
  • Drink two liters of water a day, no less.
  • Follow a high-calorie diet with carbohydrates, proteins.

What to eat to get better

If you think as a man to gain weight, do not rush to enter into the diet of buns and beer. To adhere to the principles of healthy eating still have, but diet for weight gain is much more pleasant than for weight loss. Men have no need to strictly count calories and limit yourself in delicious. On the contrary, it is necessary to exceed the energy norm for the day, so the high-calorie foods for weight gain will benefit a man who wants to quickly gain weight.

Pumped up man

Well, if your diet for every day will be the following types of products:

  • White and red meat with minimum fat. Fit chicken breast, beef fillet, lamb fillet or lean pork. Sometimes you can pamper yourself with thick wings or kebabs. A large amount of protein contained in meat will give you energy and help build muscle.
  • Dairy products ‒ cheese, kefir, yogurt, natural milk. Also a great building material for the body. Will help the man not only gain weight but also to strengthen bones, teeth, nails. Milk contains not only proteins, but also large amounts of calcium.
  • Grains. An excellent source of calories are a variety of cereals (buckwheat, semolina, or oatmeal), muesli or cereal bread.
  • Peas, beans, and other legumes are rich in beneficial fiber. If bake or cook, would make a great side dish.
  • Honey, nuts, dried fruit is a great source of energy. If you eat before sports a handful of nuts, you save your calories, so as a man to gain weight quickly will be possible only with excess energy.

Fit guy

In addition, solving how to gain weight at home man, it is important not to forget about fractional power. You need to eat often, but not very large portions. Be sure to consider the menu for Breakfast, since the body readily accepts the calories. Lunch or dinner at least a couple times a week and finish with dessert, you can afford even baking with yeast and egg. Potato abuse is undesirable due to the high content of starch, so a garnish is better to cook rice, couscous or pasta from durum wheat.

How to gain muscle mass at home

It is not always easy to understand how a man can gain weight without harm to health and not turn underweight in excess. A mandatory condition will be the sports, exercise. Preference should be given to those that are associated with weight lifting: the small number of approaches in combination with a high load will give excellent results. If it is not possible to visit the gym, exercise with weights, barbell or dumbbells at home or in the yard.

Good effect muscle building can be achieved on the good old pull-up bar: pull-UPS and push-UPS perfectly pumped the hands of men. But running, Cycling, swimming and similar cardio it is better to avoid if you aim to increase muscle: aerobic exercise to burn fat and the formation of General endurance of an organism.

Drugs for weight gain for men

The man at the reception doctor

In drugstores today, you can find a variety of tools that promise instant solution to weight problems men and women. As a rule, cocktails on the basis of proteins, help the rapid weight gain. In addition, there are steroids that stimulate active secretion in the body testosterone. However, the hormonal effects may not be completely harmless, after discontinuation of the drug there is a risk to cause serious illness.

Before the use of any drugs should consult a doctor who will tell you how to get better man. Sometimes I wish to gain muscle mass, you should pay attention to naturopathic drugs and techniques, which are based on herbal supplements or herbal shakes for weight gain.

How to gain weight without harm to health

A person follows the diet for weight gain

Before recovering quickly, you need to evaluate your weight. Think about how healthy the man to gain weight when the body mass index (BMI) is 18: to calculate this figure, divide your weight by height (in meters) squared. For an adult, the norm is between 18 and 25. A man with a smaller index is considered to be thin. Before you start to gain weight, make sure that you have everything in order with the metabolism (it needs to be tested by an endocrinologist), otherwise there is a risk to cause obesity instead of a healthy increase in muscle volume.

A healthy appetite is guaranteed if the person will set the clear mode of the day and nutrition. Between meals should not take more than 4 hours, with eating more fattening foods leave in the morning and in the evening eat, for example, cottage cheese with dried fruit or vegetables. A great source of energy is the chocolate. During intense weight gain do not forget about vitamins: sometimes, the human body lacks those amino acids and trace elements contained in products of the daily diet.

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