How to look younger than their years

how to look youngerThe desire to always look young and fresh it is understandable for every woman, because self-esteem is confidence in my attractiveness, I want to always be the center of attention and to catch admiring glances fans. Unfortunately, time does not spare anyone, aging is an irreversible factor, and 50 to look for 25 impossible. But reduce your age of 10-15 years is realistic by using some feminine wiles.

Want to become a «no age» woman, so that no one could even guess how old are you? We are ready to share with you secrets and tips on how to look younger than their years.

Pay attention to your skin

To start active courtship for your skin, do something with youth. But, if you have not paid it due attention, then you need to start right now, if you really want to look younger than their years.

First of all, you should choose a basic tool for skin care. Sometimes, in order to significantly improve the appearance of the skin enough regularly cleaning and moisturizing.

After 30 years there is a slowing of regeneration and exfoliation of old skin cells. Therefore, in order to look good in 40 years the woman, experts recommend using a mild scrub at least once a week. They help to improve oxygen flow to tissues and stimulate the processes of skin renewal.

Be sure to pick up a quality anti-aging cream. Today are made of miracle care products and skin rejuvenation that are developed by experienced cosmetologists. Some tools able to smooth out even deep wrinkles and help women to look younger after 45 and older. But try not to become a victim of Intrusive advertising, it is best to consult a good beautician who will advise you on some treatments and tell you how to do homemade skin care.

Work on eyes

It would not be strange, but often, in our view, read the age. Whole life experience, life problems, ideas and thinking are reflected in our eyes and face in General. So, how at age 40 to look younger — look at his pictures from his youth, you will see there is a carefree, mischievous and sparkling eyes. Now we need to try to repeat careless and wicked eyes.

Of course, it is difficult to look at the world around him with the eyes of a 20-year-old girl, but at least try not to frown, furtive smile and often to dream «about perfect». Train your young look at home in front of a mirror, and others will definitely notice changes in your appearance.

Malagasy makeup

And you know how 50 look 35 with makeup? There are many techniques on how makeup can emphasize the dignity and hide flaws, resulting in a person will live.

Here are some techniques that will help you «reset» of the year:

  • Care for your lips hydrated, smooth and luscious lips is a sign of youth and bloom;
  • Correct use of blush. Apply a small amount of blush on the cheekbones;
  • Pay special attention to the color and the shape of their eyebrows. Eyebrow threads or too thick eyebrows from the perspective of anti-aging make-up would be a bad option. Find a middle ground, eyebrows must be neat and moderately accentuated to make the face more expressive;
  • Use of Foundation and concealers are not dense in texture, as oily and waxy funds can become clogged and obleplivaet wrinkles, thus emphasizing your real age;
  • Emphasize the eyelids and eyelashes with a pencil, shadow and mascara.

Makeup to look younger should not be too bold and bright use of pastel and soothing colors of lipstick and eye shadows, black pencil for eyes and eyebrows change to noble brown. More juicy and saturated colors of cosmetics and easy pearl to be appropriate for certain celebrations and social gatherings.

Don’t overdo the rejuvenation

Probably sounds a bit absurd, but this error usually committed by women who are experiencing all kinds of ways to look younger. The fact that you need to know how to «mask» their years, without fanaticism. Otherwise, you will not impress a young attractive woman, and «pretended to be young» ladies of Mature age, often causing laughter to others.

Youth outfits, extravagant hair and makeup, made in a modern style, can not only make you younger, but also to emphasize the age.

Undoubtedly to look young in 40 years, you need to pay attention to fashion trends and current style, but if you create your own image, it is best to combine styles, like modern and classic, there are many wonderful options for a romantic or French subjects.

Get a haircut

How to look young, if the last 10 or 15 years you have not changed your hairstyle? If today you pondered the question of how to maintain their youth and beauty, it’s time you go to a beauty salon. Don’t be afraid to change and experiment with hair color, or form. Ask the master to choose for you stylish and modern haircut, but taking into account your wishes.

Keep control of your weight

Often, the age of the woman increases for several years because of a few extra pounds. Often overweight is associated with excessive accumulation of fluid in the body. To get rid of it in just one day. To cope with the task will help diuretic herbs, cook for yourself decoctions horsetail or dandelion roots and take a glass 2-3 times. But, to apply this method only in emergencies, when the next day you just need to look brilliant. Remember that together with the liquid, the body loses and other valuable substances, salts, minerals, electrolytes, etc.

Follow your daily diet. People who look younger than their years, as a rule, pay special attention to nutrition, and I think the key to your beautiful appearance and well-being this fact. Eat more vegetables and fruits, less «abuse» the body is fatty, salty and unhealthy food. Read what foods good for skin the link /produktyi-dlya-kozhi/

Choose the suitable aroma

Have you noticed that the young looking woman, always well-groomed and smell nice. Choosing to perfume, try to give preference to «young» fragrances, with light citrus, fruity and herbal notes. If you are a year will smell sweet or floral perfume around in my head at once will give you a few short years. More details and recommendations on the selection of spirits here.

Another secret of how to stay young and beautiful after 40 — to smile! Smile, laugh, and evil always likable people, regardless of age and status.

Stay young, charming and happy!

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