Glue for eyelashes

Plain sparse or light eyelashes were subjected to many manipulations to become expressive. They are trying frizz, carcasses and paint colors, but still these procedures are of short duration. Women have found a solution for eyelash extensions.

Types of glue for eyelashes

To have thick and long eyelashes, women need to undergo the procedure in the salon or gluing false eyelashes. For the first and second case requires its own type of glue that is used in the procedure. Shelf life, texture tools, color, speed drying – features that must be considered when choosing a drug. There are also special hypoallergenic adhesives that can harm even people who are prone to allergic reactions. Quality and price will differ depending on the set of features in one product.

There are drugs on the basis of rubber, silicone, latex and resin. They all have their advantages and disadvantages.

  1. The first has a high resistance and a nice price, but can cause an allergic reaction.
  2. Silicone adhesive is transparent and keeps the product. Impervious to water. Disadvantage – cannot be used for parisnicole capacity.
  3. Latex (rubber) in the adhesive composition becomes the cause of its high density, as the result of a long dry. A good choice for beam gluing.
  4. Taupe water-resistant and reliable option. Allergic to adhesive of this type occurs often.

Glue for eyelash extension by Sky

To build

  • Sky

Glue this brand are very popular is mostly used by professionals. Favorably differs from many others by the absence of any odor, quick drying (about 2 seconds). Has a liquid structure that provides a comfortable, easy to use. The drug is suitable for Allergy sufferers, artificial products are kept for about a month and a half. Recommended glue for SMD type lashes (at home), but only for those who are able to quickly and correctly glue the grip very fast.

  • I-Beauty

Found varying degrees of resistance. The drug Beauta ultra plus is effective for 6 weeks. Interlock very fast, which deserves the respect of professionals. Suitable for salon and home treatments, is just to get the hang of it and do everything clearly and quickly. Great reviews contribute to the popularity of funds it is recommended the master to his client.

Glue for false eyelashes Duo

For false eyelashes

  • Duo

Adhesive latex of this brand there are different types of color to choose from. It is better not to use if you are allergic to latex. The glue is Duo be sure to use the instructions, keep in the refrigerator or other cool place, inaccessible to children place. Use only after applying makeup pre-workout a few times.

  • Ardell

Based latex resin. Hypoallergenic adhesive for eyelash extensions and bonding bills. Does not cause redness of the eyes, swollen eyelids, an allergic reaction is minimized. Adhesive resin for eyelashes suitable for use even by a layman since interlock is not too fast. Training for an access to the light necessary.

  • Ag Beauty

Suitable for extensions and to glue eyelashes. It dries quickly, and has the advantage of prolonged effect. Not dangerous, has environmental composition that attracts fashionistas and becomes the main moment of choice. The glue is economical in consumption, which is important for ladies, who often use it.

How to glue eyelashes

Universal tools can be considered to be resinous and rubber glue options, they don’t leave negative consequences in most applications. Others or have a negative impact on your eyelashes or artificial spoil. Important factor – the glue needs to dry fast so as not to spread, but not so much that you don’t have time to do it right. For beginners recommended glue for eyelashes Dolce Vita, it’s perfect from all sides.

Girl glues false eyelashes


Step by step instructions for fixing a one-piece strip lashes:

  • Round eyes with a black pencil close to the line of growth of the hairs.
  • Apply false eyelashes to try it on size. Cut the excess on both sides. Do the same thing with the second copy, they should be the same.
  • Take the glue (for example, Eyelash Glue) and a brush, remove the excess. Apply a tool for growth lines, wait a bit, apply false eyelashes. First, glue the middle, gradually pressing the edge. Keep about minutes to fine paste.
  • With a toothpick you can correct them if they are aimed in different directions. Just swipe the base with a wooden stick, then the hairs will fall into place.
  • Be sure to draw eyes with liquid eyeliner – it will give your outfit a natural effect. Next, we impose makeup.

Girl glues beam eyelashes


For this technique a good option is glue-resin. It can be applied both on the eyelid and the eyelashes. Adhesive is effective for about two weeks. Before applying to the entire eye, it is recommended to test the skin for allergic reactions: to do this, apply a bit of money on the base of the beam, attach it to the lashes. After you wait for about a day.

Instruction for bonding eyelash bundles:

  • Make sure that the false lashes fit you in length and color.
  • Clean lashes with a primer (you can use a lotion for removing eye make-up).
  • Apply the adhesive to the beam and attach it to the right place with the tweezers. Hold.
  • After that, in spite of the promised durability of the adhesive, it is recommended not to RUB eyes during the day.

What to do if you are allergic to glue

In case you haven’t checked your reaction to unfamiliar glue or conducted a procedure in the salon, you may experience redness. This is one of the allergic symptoms, like swelling or burning. When they occur at home it is recommended to remove overhead products with the help of a very disappointed – a special solution. Apply the liquid to cotton pad and apply to the lashes if used waterproof glue. Otherwise, just wash. After a professional capacity in the case of allergies, refer to the same for withdrawal.

Video: how to glue eyelashes at home


Angela, 40 years: for the First time tried remedy for laminating eyelashes, hoping to give them a healthy, more well-groomed appearance. Got a good result. Eyelashes become thicker, stronger, more noticeable.

Veronica, 26 years: a Friend advised me to purchase a white glue, based on the fact that it becomes transparent. The result I didn’t like it… Tried black – was pleasantly surprised! After summarizing the makeup turned out just great.

Margarita, 30 years: In her salon use adhesives based on resin and rubber. Client happy with the result and a «life expectancy» of eyelash extensions. To work with them nicely, women do not feel discomfort.

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