Acrylic powder for nails

The beauty industry keeps pace with science, new technologies and materials. To women can demonstrate a sophisticated manicure, one of the modern trends of nail design based on the use of acrylic powder. What is acrylic powder? Acrylic powder is a solid porous material, which is designed for modeling three-dimensional forms directly on the nail plate or build-up. In the world of design powder came from the dentist, nail technicians has expanded its scope.

Why the need for acrylic powder

When working plastic material hardens quickly, which is successfully used for the nails and to strengthen them. But professionals the beauty industry stepped beyond the suggested and added a palette of colors that helped to diversify the range of shades. In this application of acrylic powder not exhausted, it was used to create a volume of decorative elements according to the type of miniature sculptures, adding to the material neon, sequins, and other components.

For nail

Nail acrylic powder

By using the thermoplastic polymer of acrylic nails has become a quick procedure. Addition of the reagents helps to get clear or color base, and high wear resistance, hygienic, hypoallergenic – these are the advantages of the material, not only professionals. Acrylic is so elastic that when the nail is nearly indistinguishable from the real thing, if you selected clear based. It does not deform the nail plate, and with all the subtleties is durable and lasts a long time.

For design and modeling of decorative patterns

Decoration nail art acrylic powder

One of the areas of nail design using acrylic material from which to sculpt an original decorative patterns in the literal sense. Even with all the desire to repeat exactly-in-exactly miniature sculpture that adorns the nail is not possible. With all the plasticity acrylic hardens quickly, so the wizard has to hurry, and this is not the time for trifles. Each molding of the acrylic on the nails is unique and voluminous design makes the manicures particularly impressive and perfect for special occasions.

For the strengthening and growth of nails

To nails look beautiful, many women are trying to care for them using various means. But how attractive was not a manicure if your nails are brittle, peeling and did not manage to grow at least a minimum length, all the efforts are negated. Salvation will be acrylic powder, which will strengthen the nail plate, protect it, which will lead to the growth of the nail.

What is acrylic powder

Nail masters is not easy, because the range of polymer in the form of loose powder can lead to confusion. Colored, with different rate of polymerization, highly plastic, camouflage, French manicure, neon, glitter – all is the basis for the unlimited number of variations. One kind of acrylic powder is used primarily for nails, the other is used for modeling, third masters prefer to use for design.

Transparent or opaque

Clear acrylic powder

A generic version of the material for the base layer. In the basis of transparent powder particles of smallest grinding, when building it helps to create a transparent coating that does not cast from natural nails. Due to its structure the universal types of powder acrylic well hide imperfections of the nail plate, it is relatively easy and quick to apply, suitable for modeling of the nail tip, design and modeling. No matte acrylic not to do when creating a manicure in the style of «French» and aquarium equipment.


Kolorowa acrylic powder

Presented the huge range, since the color of the powder is varied as the current palette of colors. The range of applications is not limited to the design of nails, this direction remains the leading. Using colored acrylic, provided that it has good range, the wizard can create a drawing application on the nails. Lightweight, plastic working material is durable without requiring the application of additional stabilizing layer, which helps not to overload the nail with the creation of the original manicure.


Shades of camouflage acrylic powder

When you need to hide the defects of the nail plate or lengthen the box, nail artists prefer this type of powder acrylic. It differs from other more dense structure, shade, close to natural, but it is not transparent. This helps camouflage acrylic powder to simulate the surface of the natural nail. Bumps, white spots, short-nails – that you can fix it very quickly achieving the desired result.

Neon powder

Neonova acrylic powder

Used by the masters of nail service when creating a sculpture. Unusual, intense shade and opaque basis – that’s what distinguishes neon dust from other types of polymer. Only one thing unites it with the other varieties of this product: it is compatible with any monomers. Young fair sex, who in the light of the ultraviolet Nightclubs want to attract attention, it is worth to opt for the manicure with the application of neon powder.

With sequins

Acrylic powder glitter

For toning of nails has been used successfully acrylic powder glitter. In the technology of nail extension it also found its use as comes in the form of transparent bases, and the glitter can be of different size and type. Combined with a palette of colors powder glitter is a perfect material when you need to create a beautiful design, giving it a depth effect. Shimmer volume elements reinforce the impression of a perfectly beautiful manicure.

How to use acrylic powder for nail application technique

The powder is mixed with a monomer, leading to a thick consistency. To work with the material we need quickly, because it hardens within minutes, and if the acrylic is imposed incorrectly, you will have to remove it first and redo it again. We the entire procedure for building will take about two hours, and the duration of the design or modeling depends on the complexity of the composition. A sharp odor of the material quickly fills the air, and therefore capable of harm, otherwise it is safe. The technique of applying acrylic powder to nails with the following:

How to increase nails acrylic powder

  • The nail ready for application of the material, treating the cuticles with the gel-primer and attaching or form or nail tips.
  • Apply acrylic precise movements from cuticle to end, not necessarily evenly.
  • Only after the acrylic has hardened, remove forms or nail tips, starting processing of the nail.
  • To achieve the desired result, the surface of grow lengthen acrylic nail varnish, is applied to the image, add volume to the décor, glued rhinestones.

How to strengthen nails acrylic powder at home

At home acrylic powder to strengthen the nail plate will work on the same technology that is used in the cabin. To simplify the procedure, the master is advised in the store to buy ready-made kits, it will save you from additional worries. You will also need tools: a brush, a coarse nail file for sanding. During application the brush first dipped in a monomer (liquid), and then the powder so thick a drop that you want to distribute evenly across the surface.

Those who are strengthening the acrylic nails at home, you should not forget that the material is applied in two layers. After the acrylic hardens, it saws, grind and remove the bumps with nail file. Applied to the cuticle healing oil, after which a new layer of varnish. The property of acrylic to possess an unpleasant odor is a reason to think in advance about airing the room during application of the material.

Where to buy and how much it cost

Acrylic powder for nails for sale at any specialty store. Popular material for building and design of nails produced by different manufacturers, therefore the price of acrylic varies depending on the quality of the products. Regarding cost, to navigate to when you select from the catalog the Internet-shops should be assumed that the average price:

  • jars (4.5 m) – from 140 roubles
  • set for nail design – (3 bottles acrylic powder assorted shades 5 g, monomer, brush) from 370 rubles,
  • sets for modeling of acrylic nails – from 1500 rubles.

Video tutorials: how to apply acrylic on nails

Technology of applying acrylic powder requires not only a certain knowledge. Need to hone your skills, each time discovering new secrets. But for beginners masters of nail service where we should start? How to use acrylic powder video shows in the most accessible form. Step by step following the recommendations of professionals, to master a difficult technique to get a quick, but filling his hand, soon you will be able to create their own original masterpieces.

Training nail design using acrylic powder

How to work with acrylics to gel Polish

Acrylic photo design on nails

Drawing on the nail plate is preceded by the idea. Find a source of inspiration or a ready example of the master of nail art can galleries photo acrylic design. Examples of work can inspire even novices to create their own drawings using acrylic powder. To do this on the example photo get easier, the more that palette and the texture of the material is so varied that no limits to the imagination. Photo acrylic design nail gallery is fun, among which there are interesting option for you.

Nail design acrylic powder


Natalia, 28 years old Nizhny Novgorod: to Grow long nails didn’t work, regular household chores brought all efforts to nothing. And like! So I decided to build up the acrylic, my master told such an option. And I was not disappointed even for a second. Find the right length and no discomfort, only advantages.

Anya, 31 years old, Saratov: If you need something original for a special event, you don’t even have to buy new clothes. To please yourself and surprise others get a three-dimensional decor on the nails. Each master surprise with something unusual, the last time you used the sequins, the shimmer came out, then that is a pity to part with such beauty.

Olga, 23 years old, St. Petersburg: I was irritated white spots on nails, and paint a normal varnish, but he held on. Was looking for a way how to solve the problem, and settled on applying acrylic powder. Picked up the base to the shade was pink and coincided with mine, and even made the French all perfect, nails always look well groomed.

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