How to get rid of acne

how to get rid of acneAcne and pimples appear in a person at any age. To facilitate the emergence of many factors: age-related changes to the diseases of internal nature. But, whatever the cause of this trouble, people want to get rid of her once and for all. How to get rid of acne, never to ask for this problem?

What is acne, known to many. Is the appearance on the face, back, chest or other parts of the body red or black acne. But it is important to know that acne and pimples is 2 completely different things. What is the difference between acne pimples? The difference and distinction between the latter is that a pimple is an inflammatory action that occurs as a result of infection. And acne is the initial phase of the pimple, which is also an inflammation, but caused by clogging of skin pores and sebaceous glands. Any tool that can help simultaneously from acne and pimples, if it included would be the disinfectant and anti-inflammatory agents.

What are the different types of acne?

  • Teenage acne. Almost every teenager is faced with this nuisance. Acne vulgaris occur against the background of changes in the internal structure of the body in the transition to adulthood and pass on their own after the teen and his inner system of the body is fully formed. Acne vulgaris and treatment — it’s just a matter of time, but if the skin of a teenager is covered by this nuisance, you cannot sit and wait until they disappear. It is necessary to treat the surface of the skin disinfectants. It is important to remember the fact that if a teenager had suffered in his youth a variety of multiple lesions on the skin, in Mature age, if not to follow hygienic requirements, it will constantly happen remission.

    what is acne and how to remove them

  • Comedones. Some of the most common forms of acne. They represent black or white dots covering the surface of the skin. Black dots located in the middle of the pores, is visible to the naked eye. Generally, this type of acne is skin inflammation, and occurs due to clogging of the pores of the skin. Comedones can then turn into another kind of acne.
  • Papular and pustular acne. This disease is an inflammation of black or white dots of redness and increase in the volume of major acne.
  • Indurative acne is acne, in the middle of which there is suppuration in the form of a ball.
  • Heaped acne. The name speaks for itself. This type of acne is a skin rash that blends together. It happens that on one acne other acne.
  • Lightning eels. This trouble applies to skin diseases. Lightning eels are external damage to the surface of the skin in the form of small sores.
  • Inverse acne. Also applies to skin diseases. Inflamed acne infects healthy skin across the surface of the skin begin to appear red inflamed acne.
  • Acne rosacea. When the body of a person has rosacea, the causes can be different: hypothermia, the result of the Solarium, allergic reaction, impaired the surface of the skin layers by chemical peeling or skin infectious disease (dermatitis).

How to treat acne?

It is important to remember that the therapeutic remedy for acne will help only if the reason for the trouble lies not in the disease. If there is to be a disease, then to treat it is necessary only in the medical centers. Folk remedy for acne effective only in the case when the acne appear from time to time.

Strictly prohibited squeezing blackheads without prior preparation of persons for this event. In General, to do this procedure best in beauty salons. It will have the necessary purity, disinfection and means that are selected by the professionals taking into account the type of skin of the patient. Squeezing blackheads at home is not a method of treatment of the disease, and in some cases, this process contributes to the development of infection and spread of acne on the entire surface of the skin on the human body.

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Squeezing blackheads is shown in the video below:

Very effective diet pimples and blackheads. The human body is so constituted that all its internal status is displayed on the exterior. To minimize the risk of acne, the human being is advised to limit consumption of fatty, sweet and fried foods. It is impossible to season prepared food with different spices. The diet should consist of fresh vegetables and fruits, cereal, milk and dairy products, seafood, meat and fish dishes.

How to treat acne: facial masks, diet.Acne treatment at home be good in special detergents. You can buy them in the pharmacy or make yourself. Homemade face mask acne should contain in its composition products that have bactericidal, healing and anti-inflammatory property. These include chamomile medicinal, mint, juice and pulp of vegetables or fruit.

Blackheads in the ears are treated only after examination by otolaryngologist. Never use any lubricants in the ears without the approval of that action specialist.

How to withdraw acne? Only well-organized day will contribute to this. Man is not only important to eat right and use the mask against blackheads, but also to monitor the quality of sleep and inner nervous condition.

How to remove pimples?

To remove the acne help various masks, tonics, ointments and mixtures. The best remedy for acne can tell the beautician after carefully studying the skin type and the cause of acne.

How to fight acne at home?

  • Effective remedy for acne on the face is the juice and pulp of fresh cranberry. A mixture of crushed berries useful to lubricate the face through the day.
  • Mask for youth acne should contain in its composition of brewer’s yeast. Also recommended during adolescence or for people suffering from frequent acne every morning to drink 20 grams of brewer’s yeast.
  • It’s great for acne ointment based on honey and the pulp of raw potatoes. The product is applied to the skin, inflamed acne, and then the mixture is applied on top of a thin cloth or gauze. It is recommended to use this mixture three times a week.

Also, see acne on the video:

How to get rid of acne? For a positive answer to this question, it is recommended to regularly care for the appearance of the skin. Daily skin care will help to preserve her beauty, youth and grace. In addition, the person who pays appearance sufficient time and the necessary procedures will never suffer the emergence of different pimples and blackheads.

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