Causes and treatment of acne on the face

acne on the face picturesThe facial skin in a person very susceptible to various environmental changes. Many hygienic factors affect the purity and freshness of the skin. Most of the cosmetic defects appears in person due to hormonal failure, often in the transition to adolescence. But there are other skin blemishes that can occur under the influence of other causes. These include acne on the face.

From what appear acne on the face

First of all, this ailment contributes to pore blockage, which takes inflammatory in nature. Any pimples appear on the skin only because of contamination of the sebaceous glands, if in the open channel of the sebaceous gland gets dirt or other harmful substance, it ceases to allocate the subcutaneous fat, which in turn accumulates there. Gradually, the skin condition promotes the appearance of acne or pimple.

In some cases acne gives a person a painful sensation, and in all cases without exception, this defect is a big frustration for its owner.

blackheads on nose photos

Why do I get acne on the face? In addition to the pollution of surface and internal layer of the skin acne on the face are other reasons of origin.

  • Abuse of spicy or fatty foods. This food enhances the release of fat from under the skin, which often can not handle the cell pores. A similar condition of the skin and cause bad habits in humans, especially the use of nicotine.
  • The cause of acne can be and skin disease, an agent provocateur which is a subcutaneous mite. As a rule, if a person eats the right foods and not provokes to action the germ, the skin remains clean and healthy. But it is only a little trigger mite activity, for example, reduce the efficiency of the immune system or too nervous, subcutaneous mite operational.

When popping whiteheads on face causes of this skin condition just hidden in clogged pores cells. All the contents of the white spot and didn’t leave time subcutaneous fat. Blackheads on the skin are a result of chronic blockage of the pores.

This problem most often occurs in young people in the transition to adulthood. In that case, simply use cleansers and eat right. But how to remove pimples on the nose, when they are a constant companion? First of all, you should wash your face thoroughly, giving special importance to the nose. Followed by several times a week, apply on nose liquid mixture of raw eggs. Evening wash should finish by wiping the nose with an ice cube based on herbs or lemon juice.

Treatment of acne on the face

How to treat acne on the face? First and foremost, a person needs to prepare for long-term treatment of acne. The treatment of this disease consists in disinfecting, degreasing and cleaning of the skin. Problem, how to cure acne on the face, it will be impossible to solve, yet people do not reconsider your daily diet and begin to take the necessary measures hygienic purity of the body. Any disease should be treated with strengthening the immune system and establish a healthy lifestyle. The diet of a person suffering from acne on the face, every day needs to be vegetables, grains, fruits and lean meats. Should strictly limit their consumption of sweet, fatty, spicy and spicy foods.

Treatment internal acne on the face requires the normalization of the internal system of the body. The person will be useful to strengthen all the internal organs, more complex minerals and vitamins.

How to cure acne and pimples on the face? For the duration of the treatment, a person must completely abandon the use of cosmetics. The best treatment of this disease is washing not expensive the advertised funds and the usual sulsenovogo soap. It has disinfectant and cleansing properties.

subcutaneous acne on the face pictures

How to treat acne on the face? Since ancient times for the treatment of most skin flaws apply tetracycline ointment. In addition, she is a real destroyer of bacteria and germs, this cream perfectly restores the affected area on the skin.

When there are red acne on the face, the treatment is anti-inflammatory treatments. Beauty salons offer a variety of services for the treatment of acne. Well established laser treatment, ultrasound or vacuum.

If you found acne on the face, treatment at home can also be used. To get positive results, it is necessary to replace ordinary water for washing in a decoction of anti-microbial herbs (chamomile, celandine, calendula). Great effect has lubrication inflamed skin aloe. Mask based on sour cream and yeast help restore skin tone, clear clogged pores, improve blood circulation and calm down.

As with face to remove acne?

Before to solve the question of how to bring acne on the face, it is important to remember that to squeeze them is strictly prohibited. If this procedure is applied, it is done exceptionally for medical conditions with observance of all sanitary-hygienic requirements. Self-squeezing of blackheads can cause infection in the injured area, in this case, a small cosmetic defect to become a complex skin disease.

How to clear up acne? To get rid of this problem will help antibacterial agents, which are represented in large numbers at any pharmacy. When choosing products it is important to consider Your skin type and its features. Very effective after cleaning, apply compresses on the basis of the antibacterial herbs (chamomile, St. John’s wort, chamomile, celandine).

blackheads on face photos

When you have acne and pimples on face how to get rid of this condition? To resolve this problem, every day you should follow these guidelines: wash with decoction of oat bran, applied to the skin a cleansing mask, then repeat the washing with bran, and then wipe the face with lemon juice (or diluted in half with lemon juice and water if You have sensitive or prone to dry skin).

How to remove acne on the face? Cleaning your face from acne is carried out with the help of special medical services. In this case, use autohemotherapy. Treatment is a transfusion of his own blood from a vein intramuscular.

When formed acne on the face how to get rid of them, help other people’s reviews. Most people use the services of beauty centers. There you can choose at their discretion: laser therapy, cryotherapy, ultrasound, mechanical cleaning.

When you have acne on the face, it is possible to use and folk remedies. Perfectly fixes a problem face mask from acne vulgaris, consisting of honey, lemon juice and egg white. A good remedy for acne on the face is yogurt. It is enough to lubricate the face several times a day.

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