Why are pimples on the back. How to cure

acne on back photosIn most cases, acne on the back arise for young people in transition age. But not always this trouble occurs only in adolescents. In some situations it happens and so that the constant acne on back and shoulders suffer, and adults. What to do if acne on the back is a constant companion of the person?

Causes of

Acne on the back attach much discomfort to their owner. For some people, especially women, this trouble is becoming a significant complex. Undoubtedly, from this disease want to get rid of, but this would be unrealistic, to the point, while it is not to decide on what acne on the back was formed.

When a person, acne often appear on the back and the face, the causes of this condition lie in the internal health of the body. The skin on these parts of the body most susceptible to pollution therefore skin cells clog and form pimples and blackheads. This condition in humans can occur due to consumption of junk food: hot, spicy, fatty and sugary foods. These products cause increased oil secretion, the pores of the skin can not cope with a large flow of fat and gradually occluded. The result is acne on the back and shoulders as well as on the face.

blackheads on the back

Blackheads on the back indicate surface clogging of the pores, and whiteheads means that it is time to clog up at the base.

Why acne on the back is common?

  • Improper care of the skin of the body. In the result of sweating or the use of poor quality or inappropriate type of skin means that the pores of the skin ceases to «breathe», resulting in various skin defects. Since the back is often closed clothes, pimples on shoulders and back can occur due to donning synthetic clothes, which hinders normal skin respiration.
  • Pimples and blackheads on the back are often formed due to internal diseases. Most often diseases that cause the emergence of diseases associated with some deviations or disruption of the gastrointestinal tract. Provocateur skin defect is the weakness of the endocrine system.
  • In women the analogous problem could be associated with gynecological diseases or the chronic inflammatory nature.
  • When constantly appear acne on the back in men, the causes of this condition are haunted by their adolescence. If the teenager was suffering from severe acne, then in adulthood, the person will suffer the same problem if you will keep the wrong lifestyle. Acne in men is on the back arise from eating spicy foods, the abuse of nicotine and alcohol-containing beverages, as well as skin care of the body.

How to get rid of acne on your back?

When constantly appear acne on the back, treatment must begin not with the external application of various medications, and maintain normal health of internal systems. The first step to treating this problem is to normalize the power. An important stage is the quality skin care body.photo of acne on back and how to treat them

A good remedy for this problem is the wiping of the problematic parts of the body salicylic alcohol or tincture of calendula.

How to cure acne on the back? Should prepare for a long and regular treatment. Very useful baths with the decoction of the antibacterial herbs (chamomile, St. John’s wort, celandine, calendula). Gently clean problem areas of the body special anti-inflammatory and disinfecting agents which are represented on the shelves of pharmacy shops in a huge variety.

How to remove back acne with the help of other cosmetic products? Widely used masks, and blend for the destruction of the problem. Great effect has egg protein, it helps clog the pores of the skin cleansed and harden. Protein is useful to include in the mask to eliminate blackheads. These same properties, aloe Vera juice and honey. Useful on a daily basis to lubricate the inflamed areas of the skin with the juice of a lemon or an ice cube that contains a decoction or juice of medicinal product (aloe, lemon).

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