About the benefits and dangers of antiperspirants

Almost everyone sooner or later faces the problem of sweating. And this happens not only in hot summer days. Therefore, for many the use of various deodorants and antiperspirants have become almost a daily ritual. However, not all think about the consequences of such use.

In our days the most effective against sweating are antiperspirants, which inhibit the activity of sweat glands, so sweat doesn’t stand out. Of course, this is unlikely to be very useful for our body. This disrupts the cleansing of the body, because the toxins are excreted from the body with the excretory system, including the pores of the skin. And using antiperspirants we prevent this. Where, then, happens to the toxins? Some part of them is excreted by the other organs of excretion, and some part still remains in our body. And this may contribute to the development of various diseases and premature aging of the skin. Moreover, sweat glands and even regulate body temperature, because then we are protected from overheating.

By itself, sweat has no smell. However, when hit on the skin it softens contains in the upper layers of the skin protein keratin, so harmful bacteria begin to multiply rapidly. And the products of the vital activity of harmful organisms and affect the odor.

Why antiperspirant harmful?

Main reasons.

•Sweating stops mainly due to the aluminum salts, and they can cause diseases such as senile dementia, breast cancer and various diseases of the kidneys. Under the influence of aluminum salts destroys estrogen, it is a hormone of female beauty. Therefore, it can not affect the appearance and emotional condition of women. Of course, these violations would not necessarily occur if you always use antiperspirant, but you will always be at risk. There are manufacturers that instead of salts of aluminum using zirconium, which is considered not so dangerous. However, its effect on humans is still not fully understood, and it is not clear what it can mean.

•Also dangerous for human health parabens are preservatives that are used in cosmetics, including in antiperspirant. The researchers of breast cancer found parabens in almost every infected tissue sample. So do not doubt the fact that these substances accumulated in the body and there is mutated.

•Often when you use antiperspirants there are also allergic reactions.

But in spite of all the harm, antiperspirants continue to be used in combat then more often than any other means. There is another group of deodorants based on alcohol. They do not violate the sweat and only mask odor, because neither zirconium nor aluminium salts they contain.

What is an alternative to antiperspirants?

First of all, you should pay attention to folk remedies. Of course, they will not be as effective, but they are not as harmful. Takes time using people’s money, of course, more, but the price will please you. Of course, there are times when you simply need to use antiperspirant, but let it be as seldom as possible.

In addition, there are situations when sweating is necessary. This workout, and sauna and other exercise. In such cases, the use of antiperspirants is not recommended.

Methods of dealing with then every day every man for himself chooses. However, you should try alternative methods and find a replacement such harmful antiperspirants. After all, health is very important!

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