Mask from wrinkles under the eyes

Mask around the eyes from wrinkles in house conditions.A woman of any age wants to look young and attractive. But, unfortunately, the first signs of aging can occur closer to the age of 30, when life is in full swing, and then continue to turn into men. Of course, skin aging is a natural process, but often wrinkles appear earlier, than is programmed by nature. The first wrinkles often appear around the eyes, because the skin in this area is the most delicate, thin and prone to dryness.

Seeing the mesh of wrinkles around the eyes, or as they are called crow’s feet, the woman is very upset, because this symptom can add two years to your age and make the painful, and the look is not so attractive. But, not prematurely to panic and take drastic measures, run to the beautician for expensive procedures. For starters, you need to understand that can affect the condition of the skin around the eyes, and try to deal with the problem on their own, for example, start to use homemade facial masks from wrinkles under the eyes.

Why are there wrinkles around the eyes?

Wrinkles appear faster if the skin is dry and dehydrated, it loses its natural protection and elasticity. But in addition to inadequate hydration, on the delicate skin around the eyes is influenced by the following factors:

  • frequent lack of sleep;
  • stress, fatigue;
  • improper diet, lack in the diet of the necessary vitamins;
  • active facial expressions;
  • abuse of tanning bed or overexposure to sun;
  • frequent and prolonged stay at the computer or severe eye strain;
  • the use of poor-quality cosmetics or inappropriate for this area of the face;
  • drinking alcohol and Smoking;
  • the decreased production of collagen and elastin cells;
  • hereditary structure of the face: sagging eyebrows, hanging eyelids or deep-set eyes;
  • bad ecology, harmful substances in water and air.

For the eye area should start to care since my very youth, and to comply with at least basic care practices:

  • regularly moisturize better in the first half of the day;
  • each evening to clean the skin from makeup;
  • when under direct sunlight, wear sunglasses or further protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation;
  • normal sleep, sleep better on your back, sleep on my stomach buried in the pillow need as little as possible;
  • spend more time outdoors;
  • not Smoking and protect themselves from tobacco smoke;
  • not stretch, not pinching, not to stretch the delicate skin of the eyelids;
  • try to watch the diet, eat vitamins and forget about fast foods;
  • to choose the right care products and decorative cosmetics for eyes, and apply all funds exclusively with light, delicate movements.

More tips on how to care you’ll find the link /uhod-za-kozhey-vokrug-glaz/

These are the basic measures to observe in order to preserve the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin around the eyes. But if crow’s feet have emerged, it is not necessary to panic ahead of time, this does not mean that your body and skin begin to age. Everything can be fixed, most importantly the right to choose for themselves a remedy for wrinkles under the eyes.

How to remove wrinkles around the eyes

Modern cosmetology offers many ways how to fight wrinkles around the eyes, the most popular and effective salon treatments are injections wrinkles around eyes Botox, mesotherapy, photo rejuvenation, contouring and blepharoplasty (surgical correction method). Read, for example, the article «the properties and application of gialuronova acid». But such procedures are more appropriate for more advanced cases, women aged 40 years or more.

To smooth the skin, eliminate wrinkles or make them barely visible will help some remedies from wrinkles in house conditions, for example:

  • A gentle massage. If daily several times a day to make samomassaj, it will contribute to the normalization of blood circulation, and additional nutrition of the skin cells with oxygen and other nutrients. Massage should not be rough, quite a few moments a gentle and flowing movements, tapping with the fingertips on the skin around the eyes.
  • Various compresses. For aging skin and prevention of premature aging are often applied in cold, hot and contrast compresses. To give the skin freshness and maintain its elasticity, try 2-3 times a week to do such contrasting compresses for the face and eyes. Prepare 2 containers, one with cold water and one with warm decoction of herbs (nettle, St. John’s wort, plantain, wormwood, calendula, cornflower, rose or chamomile), alternately fold the napkin in different bowls and put a few minutes on the face, repeat 5-6 times, the final should be cold cloth to close the pores.
  • Rubbing ice cubes. Daily toning of the skin with ice cubes, invigorates the skin and creates a beautiful complexion and great fights even with deep wrinkles. Prepare the ice specifically to your skin with the vitamins from the juice of plants and fruits or herbs. How to wipe the face with ice cubes read the link /kubiki-lda-dlya-litsa hotel/
  • Mask around the eyes from wrinkles. Very simple to use and effective homemade masks for eyes from wrinkles, to treat skin at home using natural and healthy ingredients, simple and entertaining, and when you can see the first improvements that many women have to cook themselves care becomes a kind of hobby. Since there are a huge variety of folk remedies from wrinkles around the eyes, so the next section is devoted to this.

The best recipes from wrinkles in house conditions

To find the most effective remedy for wrinkles around eyes, what is right for you, you may have to try the recipes. When selecting masks and creams, you need to give preference to those that have a lifting effect and moisturize skin. Applying these masks for eyes from wrinkles home production, soon you will see the results, wrinkles will be significantly reduced, or disappear altogether.

The main focus in the fight against sagging skin, you need to do on hydration. They come in a variety of essential oils, aloe juice and various fruits.

Great, accessible folk remedy from wrinkles to smear problem areas with aloe juice, you can cut a sheet along and put in some time on the face or just squeeze the juice out of it. View a wonderful recipe mask from wrinkles with aloe.

Some more options, moisturizing and nourishing masks for the skin around the eyes from wrinkles:

  • Aloe Vera with oils. Take any vegetable oil of your choice (olive, castor, burdock, etc.) and mix with aloe juice. In a tapping motion, apply to the area around the eyes. This tool can replace the tool for removing makeup.
  • Oil for the skin around the eyes from wrinkles to dry skin is better to choose olive, buckthorn, castor or peach for dry or sensitive skin avocado oil or macadamia as well as almond oil, jojoba oil and grapeseed. Apply a small amount of oil on fingertip and gently Pat them into the skin. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, the remaining blot with a tissue.
  • Potato Mask. Grate fresh potatoes on a fine grater and add to this mixture a teaspoon of heavy cream. Apply for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Such potato mask of wrinkles under the eyes are one of the most effective and popular among women, they can also be used to moisturize and nourish the skin very young girls.
  • Smetana mask with parsley. Usually, use such masks around the eyes after 30, well they soften and nourish the skin, help to remove puffiness, remove bags under the eyes to give the skin a fresh look. Parsley chop and add 2 tablespoons of thick cream. Put on the eye area, rinse with warm water after 20 minutes.
  • Well helps with wrinkles around the eyes honey and egg white. In the mask they can be combined with wheat flour. Connect 1 spoon of each ingredient and mix the honey better to add a little bit of warm.
  • Has long been used butter for the skin around eyes, wrinkle cream. Lubricate the eyelids and the skin under the eyes is a thin layer of oil and leave overnight.
  • To reduce fatigue and inflammation, and to fight wrinkles around the eyes, prepare the mask from the infusion of chamomile and sage, olive oil and cheese. Chopped herbs pour boiling water and allow to steep and cool down. Need 1 big spoon of infusion, it add a spoon of curd and a spoon of olive oil. The whole mass carefully grind until homogeneous. Apply the chilled mask, and keep about half an hour.

Folk remedies from wrinkles on the eyes differ in their accessibility and naturalness, their effect is verified by many generations of women. Find your recipe for how to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes to eliminate swelling and restore skin’s smoothness , youthfulness and freshness.

Let’s see, what exercises will help get rid of wrinkles:

Take care of yourself and others manite an irresistible look!

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