10 recipes facial masks of honey

The use of honey for acne. The mask of honey for facial acne.Honey is an important product in each table. Thanks to its range of useful properties, it has a positive effect on the activity of an organism and its immunity, and the cardiovascular system, and, of course, on the condition and color of your skin. In order to quickly and easily tone the skin, apply a large number of masks with honey. Honey masks cleanse, soften, smooth, nourish and tone the skin. In this article we look at 10 of the most popular and effective formulations.

  1. Mask with honey and aspirin

Thanks to this unusual set of ingredients, the mask made of honey and aspirin for the face acts on two fronts: acetylsalicylic acid which is the main ingredient in aspirin, in addition to the known effect to reduce fever and reduce pain, has another important property: gets rid of acne. The honey will moisturize and soften the skin after exposure to aspirin, nutrition essential elements and vitamins and restore the balance.

To prepare, take 4 tab. aspirin, crush and add 1 table.a spoonful of warm water and teaspoon of liquid honey. If necessary, warm the honey so that it «flowed», but don’t overdo it: excessive heat can destroy all the beneficial properties of honey. Apply the composition topically to problem area, wait 10-15 minutes and rinse with water.

  1. The mask of honey and lemon for face

Lemon is a remedy that is famous for its whitening effect. Combining it with honey, you will achieve a matte leather flat color. Dry skin needs carefully use lemon juice and reduce the amount in the mask, as it has a drying effect.

For the mask, take 1 dessert spoon honey and mix with 1 dessert spoon of lemon. Apply a thin layer to face, wait quarter-hour and rinse. If you feel burning and discomfort, rinse off the mask and try more gentle options.

  1. The mask of honey and egg for face

In addition to honey in every kitchen there is another miracle cure for the face: easy chicken egg. Due to the fact that the egg, as a rule, consists of two components: eggs and yolks have different properties and action of eggs you can use the beauties of any skin type.

To reduce the oiliness of the skin will help the protein. Manually whisk or using a mixer protein of one egg, add 1 table.a spoonful of honey, apply to skin, wait a third hour rinse. Don’t be scared of the formed film: it is easy to wash off with water.

If oily skin is not included in the list of your problems, but to please the skin still want, try this recipe: 1 egg yolk mixed with 1 table.a spoon of honey and apply on skin according to the previous Council. Skin color is equalized, and the minor flaws will soon disappear. These are very effective face masks from honey from wrinkles.

  1. The mask of honey and banana face

Despite the fact that these ingredients are not only very useful but also delicious, do not rush to eat all at once. Banana and honey for the skin promotes a smooth complexion and getting rid wrinkles. The recipe is very simple: mash the banana with 1 table. a spoon of honey and apply the resulting paste on face for a quarter of an hour. After rinse with water. Instead of pound banana manually effective to use a blender or mixer.

  1. The mask of honey and cinnamon for face

If you want to improve blood circulation and have a smooth complexion, this mask is for you! Mix ½ dessert spoons of cinnamon (in powder form) with 1 dessert spoon of melted or liquid honey. Apply on the skin by a third hour and rinse lightly with cool water.

If you want to create your own mask for dry skin, add to these ingredients cream, sour cream or butter. Will suit olive, sunflower or any other base on your taste.

  1. The mask of honey and oatmeal for the face

It is believed to be the first folk recipe, which is to try to imagine a girl who meets up with homemade masks. The reason is that this mask is very simple to manufacture and effective for the skin. Variants of such a mask at least two: can use dry crushed corn flakes or soaked (or boiled water) flakes. Mix 1-2 table. spoons of cereal with a half table. tablespoons of honey, apply to skin by a third hour and rinse with water. This mask nourishes, moisturizes, whitens and tones skin.

  1. Facial mask of sour cream and honey

The mask aims to combat dryness and peeling of the skin. If you suffer this problem, try this recipe: mix sour cream and honey in equal quantities and apply to the skin by a third hour. After the time expires, rinse and lubricate nourishing cream. Repeat this process twice a week, and very soon the result will be obvious!

  1. The mask of honey and salt for the face

These home ingredients can replace you purchase scrubs. As a basis you can use not only salt (it is suitable only for oily skin), and sugar (for combination or normal), cinnamon (for dry). Mix the honey and salt in a ratio of 1:1 and gently massage the mask on the skin, easily removing all the dead skin particles of the epidermis. Go with this mask the third hour, rinse off with water and if necessary apply the cream.

  1. Mask with honey and aloe Vera for the face

Great effect in the fight against acne and redness have aloe leaves. To prepare their own mask of honey for facial acne, mix 1 dessert spoon of honey (it can be even a little sugar, thickened) with 1 table.spoon of aloe juice. Apply this mixture should point only for defective places on time about half an hour. Washed out «ointment» with plain water.

More recipes of masks based on aloe, see the link /aloe-dlya-litsa hotel-polza-primenie-retseptyi-masok/

  1. Face mask made of honey and milk

This recipe will help restore your skin radiance and a beautiful even color. The simplest method of preparation involves equal proportions of milk and honey applied on the skin for a quarter of an hour. You can also use tea instead of milk or added to milk and honey cheese and sour cream. This recipe will help eliminate peeling and moisturize dry skin.

If you add a number of ingredients, the flour can achieve a good firming and anti-aging effect. Add in the prepared mixture of milk and honey the flour to a state of pulp, apply on face and leave for quarter of an hour.

Be nice and remember that a woman is beautiful at any age!

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