Top 5 music players for Android

Listening to music is one of the priority tasks, which can handle practically any device running Android. And if the feasibility of using tablets for this is a big question, the smartphones and asks for the default role of a music box. One only has to set the correct music player and your phone will show all what he can do.

the best player for Android

Poweramp Music Player

This is the most popular music player in the Google Play store and it has very serious reasons for this. Poweramp is a powerful music player for Android, and it contains almost all the features that the user can wish. He has a pleasant and simple dark interface, which hides under a huge set of various functions. Among them we see the 10-band EQ, gain low and high frequencies, smooth and gapless playback, interface customization and more.

Player Pro

The developer of Player Pro is as follows: «PlayerPro features a beautiful, fast and intuitive interface, alongside powerful audio configuration options. There is a choice of several free plugins to complement it: 20+ skins, DSP Pack, Widget Pack…» because of this, we observed this program for more than two years in the list of the most downloadable in category music and audio. In addition, the program constantly develops and acquires new features.

Neutron Music Player

Someone this player does not like because of the peculiar and distinctive design. Someone criticizes him for minor bugs. But there is one important metric by which Neutron Music Player competes with imunitatii representatives of the music players in Google Play, including absolute favorite Poweramp. We are talking about sound quality. The developer talks about using high quality 32/64-bit audio engine, through which it is possible to achieve such a great sound on a mobile device. This player is positioned as an application for music lovers who appreciate first quality.

n7player Music Player

This player is really trying to be innovative and to inject new life into the familiar design of mobile music players. First, it does not rely on the built-in search functions of media, and applies its own algorithm of scan, which you can customize. Secondly, this is a crazy 3D interface (Yes!), includes tag cloud, wall covers, and many beautiful animated effects. Among other functions, it is possible to detect audio effects, automatic and manual download album art, tag editor, automatic merging of collections, sleep timer, scrobbling and so on.

Google Play Music

This product of Google is a newcomer, but this did not prevent him to occupy a strong position in the category. First of all, thanks to integration with online storage where you can store as many as 50,000 tracks. At any time if you have a network have access to your music library, and if necessary, you can save albums for offline listening. Thus, Google Play Music allows you to store so much music, how many will not fit any of the existing memory card, and in the case of any monthly fee also gives you access to an unlimited number of tracks.

It is clear that this list is a list of worthy programs for music for Android is not limited. Waiting for your comments with the names of your favorite player and why you chose it.

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